Sculpture – Home (in)Security

Home (In)Security is a series of work featuring small homes that contain narrative clues through videos and miniature installations. The work is a hyperbolic account of the present obsession with the home and security. These works incorporate high and low technologies to explore how we are remodelling our homes into little utopias that are still haunted, ironically, by the outside world through virtual means. These works all play on the idea of our homes as places of safety or confinement. We find refuge in them but they can also be places of fear

The Garage

Miniature garage with tools inside and a door panel on floor that is open. Light beams up from the space revealing a mattress on the floor and a cup.
16” X 20” X19”. mixed mediums: wood, paint, electronics, 2007. Inspired by current event stories of kidnapping.

Shut In

A room cluttered with piles of newspaper, cat food bags, books, bottles etc. On a TV is a video of an old agoraphobic man talking about home security. 
16”X 20”X 20”. mixed mediums, video player, electronics. 2008

Shut In

Detail of interior.

He was a Quiet Man

Image on TV in living room is a person walking down stairs, audio is eerie meant to reflect a Hitchcock style movie. Basement is full of leaky garbage bags and upstairs is lit but windows are covered in newspapers and tin foil. (Interior view. Outside of building not shown)

Post Partum Delivery

Attic filled with toys, a bathroom window shows hair in a tub and a razor on the toilet. In a living room a short video on a miniature TV set, plays first person perspective of a woman running in the snow and laying a bundle on a doorstep. Inspired by news story of an abandoned baby in Saskatoon. As a mother I wanted to explore the anguish of post partum depression.

Post-Partum Delivery

Detail of bathroom. An electric razor sits on the back of a toilet and the tub is filled with hair.

Kitchen and Knitting

In the first suburban house "Kitchen", a woman puts on an apron, cleans a table and then makes Molotov cocktails on the kitchen table. In "Knitting" A woman sitting on a couch knits, periodically checking on hostages she keeps in a closet. Combines Hansel & Gretel story and current news stories of hostages. I was interested in how to explain kidnapping events to my children. Both are 24”X17”X 8”and made from a variety of mediums.  2008. 


Detail from the video in the window.

Bomber Woman (Self-Portrait)

Inspired by a PBS Documentary on Female suicide bombers. Self Portrait" 10” high. Fabric, photo. 2005

Getting Ready

A seemingly domestic home. On the video playing in the window a woman gets ready to go out. She does her hair, nails, gets dressed, then dons a balaclava, picks up a rifle and leaves the room. I was interested in terrorism both domestic and foreign and the banality of evil.  22”X 24”X 24”, wood, DVD player. mixed mediums, electronics. 2008

Home (in)security

Video still.

Getting Ready

Video still.

Fear of the Past (Portrait of my Mother)

Inspired by my mother who at 80 developed nightmares from watching news reports of the mid-east war. Her dreams recalled her own childhood growing up in Nazi Germany. She still requires medication to sleep. 16” X 16” X 9”, mixed mediums, photo. 2005