These drawings translate mental and physical reflections into images in ink. I want to show through these works how experience feels; how emotional anguish and frustrated empathy are written in my body. Strange, uncanny, and traumatic experiences elude the comprehending mind and enter the bloodstream and the nervous system. I try to draw these pernicious guests out from under my skin, into the light, and onto the page where I can examine them, put them into relation and, hopefully, to rest. Rabbit is the conscious/conscience ‘other’ that co-habits my body and territory.

Who Are You?

This drawing explores aspects of vulnerability in the moments when things go wrong.

The Magical Vest

Fairy tale story about a magical vest, dreams of a floating house and the demons I keep for pets.

Multum in Parvo

Multum in Parvo meaning "much in little" is part reflection on theory and research into the use of miniatures as sculpture, and part tracing the paths of thought and intuition through my working hands.

Media Archeology 

The mind is a busy place. This drawing was the first to explore in image what I was thinking and feeling over a period of two days. Collection of Margaret Bessai and Gerald Saul.

Room for Everything.

A day in my busy life. Making room for inner and outer experience.

Visit from my Future Self Explaining the Importance of my Anguish

While experiencing a dark time of refection and sadness I caught a glimpse of my future self talking to me. She reminded me that we only grow more deeply in this life when we experience and understand our pain. There is a new self that grows out of the old. While in the pain of course this is hard to grasp.

Carnival at the End of the World

Study for my Carnival at the End of the World exhibition at the MacKenzie Art Gallery 2014 and partial fulfillment for my MFA.



Art is Anything

Red Riding Hood and her wolf explore the dark matter of the creative life.

Third Space  ("Heartache" series) Complexities of love and relationship and the traces left on the heart.

Care for each other

Struggles over care for self vs. care for others.

Deep Love includes Fear of Loss

Having it all.