Riding Hood and Wolf Pet

Riding Hood, having slayed her captor the wolf, now wears him as a stole. Oil on Canvas, 16" X 16".


Self-Portrait. Oil on Canvas, 16" X 20".

Organic Home

Futuristic building design out of organic materials. Part of "Surviving the Future Series". Acrylic on Canvas, 16" X 16".

Preaching to the Birds

Wounded Only Slightly

Oil on Board, 9" X 9"


Adaptation is Survival (Part 1)

I Will Save You

9' X 9' Oil on Wood


Between the Well of Forgetting (Lythe) and the Well of Memorey (Mnemosyne)

It's All in our Heads

My Demons are my own. I Keep them for Pets.


Ziemann Rabbits

Transitional Objects

Message in a Bottle

Let's not get Carried Away

Shape of Things to Come

Far Sighted Visionary

The Trees Would Speak if we Would Listen