Rabbit Girl at the Market 

From "Carnival at the End of the World". In a world where money has no value Rabbit Girl offers food and items for trade.

Side Show Wolf/Fox/Tree

One of the Carnival side show creatures. Part Wolf, part fox, part tree root matter.


The dowser is an important character in the Carnival world. They make sure that there is a fresh water source in every place they settle. Collection of Rebecca Caines and John Campbell.

Mobile Home

"Geremy the fixer" collects things they find to help rebuild the Town.

Struwwelpeter and Bird Boy

Struwwelpeter and Bird Boy relax before a performance.


Bearman dancing with a rattle puppet during a musical party inspired by a fortune telling game.

Game of Chance

The hybrids sit down to a betting game with Tarot cards as the tornado makes it's way to the camp.

Joey Tremblay 

Hand Puppet of Joey Tremblay for the performance of "My dinner with David". Joey Tremblay is the current Artistic Director of "Curtain Razors" in Regina. David Garneau is an Artist/Curator/writer and my lifelong partner. "My dinner with David" was a conversation between the two on art and life in front of a live audience in 2016. David and I made the puppet which had a brief appearance during dinner and is now in the collection of Joey.